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Golf Cart Battery Watering System

Why You Need a Golf Cart Battery Water System

Without the right level of water inside them, lead-acid batteries can lose a significant amount of performance and lifespan. Unfortunately, filling their reservoirs by hand can be dangerous, due to the acid they contain. If you have many carts, keeping them filled also means a big commitment of time and effort. With our system, however, you can make sure each battery has the proper level of water in it so it will always be ready to go.

The Benefits of Our System

We designed our kits to be as user-friendly as possible, featuring automatic valves that shut off as soon as the cell is filled. They also include pop-up indicators that let the user know at a glance when the watering process is finished. Using our system can reduce the amount of time it takes to water batteries by as much as 90%, cutting down on your team’s workload and making maintenance much easier as a result. This product is ideal for golf courses, universities, homeowners associations and any other organization with a large number of carts to manage.

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