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i-Lite™ Valve


i-Lite™ Valve

  • The smartest, safest, and most accurate way to know when your batteries need water.

    The i-Lite™ Valve takes the guesswork out of battery watering by alerting operators when electrolyte levels are low using an easy-to-understand blinking LED. The encapsulated valve has been enhanced with an electrolyte monitoring sensor to create the first-ever valve and sensor in one. 

    Save 20% when purchased as an upgrade with a battery watering system.

    Superior Design & Manufacturing

    • Bright LED indications
    • Low current draw will not drain the battery
    • No calibration necessary
    • Sealed polycarbonate lens protects the LED from damage and acid corrosion
    • Over-molded wiring harness for enhanced durability

    Guaranteed Performance

    • One-year limited warranty
    • Protects your battery investment and is designed to last the life of your battery

    Technical Specifications

    • Operating Voltage: 8 - 12 V Nominal
    • Current Consumption: 7 mA
    • Acceptable Exposure Range: -20 ̊F to 160 ̊F (-29 ̊C to 71 ̊C)

    What's Included? 

    • i-Lite™ Valve
    • Extra tubing for installation with a battery watering system 
    • 2 end caps for installation without a battery watering system
    • 3 cable ties to secure the sensor light housing
    • Sensor light code guide
    • Step-by-step instructions

    *Not compatible with 8D, 4D, Group 24, Group 27, and Group 31 battery types. 

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