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  • Do not water based only on an Indicator Eye being down.
  • Watering should be done based on usage.
  • A residential user should not need to water more than once or twice a month.   

Understanding the Indicator Eyes

    Before Watering:

    If all of the eyes are down except for one (or two) and one or two have the indicator fully up, pull the valve out of the vent well and check for interference with the float, free movement of the valve mechanism and water in the cell.

    If all of the eyes are up or mostly up, your battery may not need watering. Make sure you are not watering too frequently.

      During Watering:

      During the watering cycle, the Indicator Eyes should start to pop up at various times depending on how much water each cell needs.

      When all of the Indicator Eyes have risen, this will indicate that the watering cycle has completed and to disconnect the water supply from the system.

        After Watering:

        The Indicator Eyes may drop because the water pressure tends to hold the float slightly higher then its natural buoyancy level. This is normal and is nothing to worry about.