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Marine Battery Watering Systems

Marine batteries are critical to your boat’s functionality, from its essential electronics to the engine. A dead battery can easily interrupt your boat day or leave you in an unsafe situation at sea. Fortunately, simple maintenance can ensure your marine battery is ready for your upcoming boating excursion.

Most marine batteries are lead acid batteries, and water is essential to their operation. Lead acid batteries have flat lead plates submerged in electrolytes. These electrolytes consist of sulfuric acid and water. The quantity of electrolytes dictates the battery’s storage capacity and operational duration. Water plays a crucial role in the battery functioning properly.

The water in lead acid batteries is lost through evaporation and charging. It needs to be replenished regularly to keep your marine battery in top working condition. Water My Battery’s marine battery watering systems fill your batteries with the correct amount of water in seconds. Marine battery watering systems save you time and keep you safe from the dangers of working with battery acid.

Watering your boat’s lead acid battery is critical for optimal operation. Not performing this maintenance step can result in severe damage to the battery, placing you in a potentially dangerous situation. Overwatering a battery can also lead to substantial damage, expanding the electrolyte levels and causing it to overflow. Using a marine automatic battery watering system is the easiest way to ensure you use the correct amount of water.

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