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How often should I water my batteries?

This depends on how hard the batteries are working. Watering requirements are dependent on the application, charging methods, age of the battery and local climate. A lightly used battery may only require topping up once a month. We typically recommend watering batteries 1-2 times per month.

How do I operate my battery watering system?

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How do I install my battery watering system? 

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Can I use tap water to fill my batteries?

Deionized water can be used instead of distilled water.

How do I read the Indicator Eyes?

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What makes the float go up and down?

The float is what allows the Indicator Eye to move up and down. Towards the end of a watering cycle, the float will start to float upward forcing the Indicator Eye to be visible and signaling that the watering cycle has completed. The float also plays a role in confirming proper operations of the valve. Learn more

How do I take the system off my battery and will it damage it?

To remove the system, start with a valve with an end cap connected. Rock the front and back of the valve in a 'back and forth' motion. The valve will pop out of the cell. Repeat with the remaining valves. Removing the system will not damage the batteries or system. 

Purging the air line

To purge the air from the hose line, simply connect the 2.5 gravity feed tank to the watering system and disconnect several times. You can also shake or squeeze the line to force the air out of the top of the line. It is not imperative that you get all of the air out of the line, but it will help with the flow rate when you are filling your batteries.

If I add more batteries to my battery bank can I also add on to my watering system?

Yes. View our Universal or Parts section for adding on to your watering system.