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12v - 8 Batteries (TB4)

12v - 8 Batteries (TB4)

12v - 8 Batteries (TB4)



The tubing in-between each cell is cut and attached for you. The final connections must be made to fit your layout. Everything is provided to complete the assembly.

All battery watering systems are equipped with self-regulating valves that are assembled with clear tubing. Pairing the quick-connects allows water to flow through the tubing and into the valves, filling each cell with the precise amount of water. Water your batteries in a matter of seconds!

Not compatible with tapered cells (see image 5)

What's Included?

  • Partially-assembled battery watering system
  • A diagram used to guide the one-time installation.
  • Watering calendar to record each completed watering cycle
  • 5-Year Warranty
    *Water Supply not included


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    Battery Mfg & Type

    # of Batteries

    • 8

    Battery Voltage

    • 12v


    Maintain Precise Electrolyte Levels and More

    Watering System

      Properly watering your batteries will extend battery life and help prevent "dried out" cells.


      No more hand-watering your batteries. Reduce filling time by 90%.

    • SAFETY

      Multiple safety features make our valve the safest on the market.

    • CLEAN

      Prevents harmful corrosion build up and eliminates acid spills.


    Note: Not all valves have an encapsulated float

    • Indicator Eye

      Visible from the top and side. Confirms proper operations of valves.

    • Encapsulated Float

      Reinforced encapsulation protects the float and eliminates interference with the internal obstructions. 

      The float is acid, temperature and impact resistant. The solid construction cannot absorb water. 

    • Spark Arrestor

      The spark arrestor prevents flames or sparks from entering through the battery vent opening.

    • Low Profile Design

      Drastically reduces the risk of damage from battery cables.